SunSet at The #See !! #pureness


The sound of the sea , the view of it in company with  the silent ,bright huge sunset ….that remarkable moment.


#Time, & #humanbeing (You were born to be real not to be Perfect) !!

Time’s the only thing that make us real, help us when we fall to getup & move on, forget & just survive, teach us how to live & share the beautiful moments of joy , sometimes it seems large ,which make it an advantage ,othertimes short & make us regret our existence…

#Time, it’s the one & the only thing that control our habits, desires & even goals,.. it’s just like a simple rule, that anyone, anywhere can break it, but like every rule, #breaking it gives consequences ,bad ones or perhaps good depends.

#Best thing to do is to control this time, before it control you, organize it, & your life is organized, make it worth to live & just don’t waste it ..i mean , today we’re here, tomorrow we’re not, no one knows :/

#achieve_something ,& let #hope be your first path friend 😉 ☺☺ _ by #me صورة4499